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Using Header 1 is not recommended as it is reserved for page titles for Google SEO optimization.

Theme Color Values:

Purple: #8547ad;
Light Purple: #b285ca;
Orange: #ff671f;
Light Orange: #ffa06d;
Red: #e4002b;
Light Red: #ff7a6d;
Green: #009639;
Light Green: #51bc7c;
Blue: #0072ce;
Light Blue: #709fe0;

Dropdown Area

To add dropdown elements to a page, fill out the field in the Dropdown Repeater area located below the content area of a page. Each row will be a dropdown area. To insert these dropdowns to your page, in the PageBuilder area, drag in a SiteOrigin Editor and click "Edit". Then enter
in the content area.


Shown Content

Using SiteOrigin to Build Pages

Use the Page Builder Tab when editing pages beyond simple text. Start your page by adding a row and setting the number of desired columns. For specific treatments, utilize the Row Styles section to enter specific rules detailed below. Click Insert, then click on the blue row you've created. Click Add Widget. In most cases you will be using the SiteOrigin Editor widget or one of the custom widgets below. After inserting the SiteOrigin Editor, hover over your new widget and click Edit to enter content. As a note, clicking on the wrench icon will edit the Row, not the Widget. Also, switching between the Visual tab and Text tab may unwittingly alter your mark up. Edit this page to see how the content below was made.

Benefits Level


Plan A

Recommended image size for Image Overlap Widget: 550px by 360px

Title hello

filler text

Learn Here


After adding a row, add a widget called Post Loop.  Without giving it a title, select 'template-parts/post/content-deadline-widget' template.

On the right side, click on Attributes. Under Widget Class, enter 'deadlines' no quotes.

Click 'Build Posts Query' and select 'Deadlines' in the Post Type field. By default, the widget will pull in all Deadline Posts. To filter, use the Taxonomies field and/or date field. Begin entering the category, wellness, plan, or life event and it will start searching automatically for you. You may choose multiple taxonomies with a comma separator. 

Deadlines change every 8 seconds