Retirees Except Class E

Review the Health Care Benefit Highlights booklet to get detailed information regarding your retiree health benefits. A brief summary is provided below. Also, be sure to review your plan’s Benefits Chart to see what’s covered and how you and the plan share costs for health care services.


The Fund provides medical benefits for eligible retirees to help cover the cost of doctors’ services, hospital stays, specialists’ care, other health care services, and supplies.

Prescription Drugs

The Fund’s prescription drug program is included in all of its retiree medical plan options except the Kaiser Senior Advantage plan. (Kaiser Senior Advantage members must obtain their prescription drugs from Kaiser pharmacies.)


The Fund offers retirees a choice between the Indemnity Dental Plan and the Prepaid Dental Plan.


The Fund provides vision care benefits to everyone enrolled in one of its medical plan options.

Additional Benefits

The Fund offers several additional benefits to retirees and their enrolled dependents, including: