Non-MPD Drugs

Coverage for Non-MPD Drugs—applies to all Participants (including Kaiser HMO)

Copayments and coverage levels for prescription drugs not included in the MPD program vary, based on your benefit level (Platinum Plus, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and your plan (Plan A or Plan B). The amount of your copayment will also depend on whether your prescription is filled with a formulary generic, formulary brand name, or non-formulary drug. You pay the lowest copayment when you use generic medications. You pay the applicable copayment at the time your prescription is filled.

Refer to your plan’s Benefits Chart [include link to Plan Benefits Charts page] for details about the program’s prescription drug coverage levels.

Participating Pharmacies

For a 30-day supply of prescription medication, you may use any UFCW Unions and Food Employers Participating Network Pharmacy. For a 90-day supply, you may use the OptumRx Mail Order Program or any Network Pharmacy that participates in the plan’s 90-day maintenance program. Check with your pharmacy to see if they participate in this program.

A list of participating pharmacies is available here or on request from the Fund Office.

OptumRx Mail Order Program

If you take a maintenance medication, the OptumRx Mail Order Program provides a convenient and cost-effective way to fill your prescription. Through the mail order prescription service, a 90-day supply of your prescription is mailed to your home for the cost of a 60-day retail pharmacy supply.

Call OptumRx customer service at 800-797-9791 for more information regarding the mail order program. You can also visit the OptumRx web site,, to order and refill your prescriptions online.