Preventive Care

The Fund’s medical options provide comprehensive preventive care to Participants.

  • Indemnity PPO Medical Plan: The plan pays 100% of the allowed amounts for many preventive care services when you visit in-network providers. These services are not subject to the plan’s deductible, which means you pay no money out of your pocket or your Health Reimbursement Account.

Also, when you receive some of these services, such as your annual flu shot, physical exam, and certain cancer screenings, you earn funding for your Health Reimbursement Account automatically.

Refer to the plan’s Preventive Care Guidelines for more detailed information and to see which preventive care services are covered. You can contact the Fund Office to verify coverage levels for exams and tests, as well.

  • HMOs: Most preventive care services are covered at 100%. If you are in an HMO, contact your HMO for information about your preventive care benefits.