Participants in the Indemnity PPO Medical Plan have access to medically necessary podiatry services, including medical care of the foot, ankle and lower leg, through Podiatry Plan, Inc.  (Participants in one of the Fund’s HMO plan receive podiatric services through their HMO—contact the HMO directly for details.)

To receive benefits for medically necessary podiatry services under the Indemnity PPO Medical Plan, services must be authorized by Podiatry Plan, Inc. and rendered by a Podiatry Plan, Inc. network provider.

Benefits are subject to the plan’s annual deductible, coinsurance percentages, and benefit maximums. Refer to your plan’s Benefits Chart  to see how you and the Fund share costs for these services. Podiatry services from non-Podiatry Plan, Inc. providers are not covered. Also, some exceptions apply for Participants who live out of the service area.

Contact the Fund Office if you have questions about your podiatry benefits.

To find a Podiatry Plan, Inc. provider:

Call 800-367-7762 or 415-928-7762

Go to www.podiatryplan.com/podiatrist_locator.php