Health Reimbursement Account

The purpose of the HRA is to help you pay less of your own money—saving you potentially hundreds of dollars—for health care. That’s why the Fund strongly encourages you to understand how the HRA works.

Scroll through the topics below to learn more. Also, check out your plan’s HRA program guide to see all of the details:

Platinum Plus / Platinum Program Guide

Gold / Silver Program Guide 

How Your HRA is Funded

Each year, you receive an automatic contribution to your HRA, and you can earn additional funds by completing Healthy Activities

Using Your HRA Funds

The Fund uses your balance on hand to help pay for eligible health expenses; the greater your HRA balance, the less of your own money you pay for health care

Saving Your HRA Funds for the Future

Funds roll over from year-to-year, if you don’t use them