Disease Management Program

The Disease Management Program is a valuable Indemnity PPO Medical Plan benefit for Participants and their enrolled spouses/domestic partners who suffer from heart disease & related conditions, asthma, or diabetes. It is designed to help prevent or minimize the effects of these conditions.

If the program’s administrator, HMC HealthWorks® (HMC), identifies you as moderate to high risk for one of these conditions, the Fund will contact you by mail. Then, HMC will call you to discuss your eligibility and give you more details on how the Disease Management Program works. If you’re then invited to participate, you may enroll, and you will be entitled to lower prescription drug copays and additional contributions to your Health Reimbursement Account (lowering your out-of-pocket expenses).

If you are notified that you are eligible for this program, but you choose not to enroll, your annual deductible will be higher (increasing your out-of-pocket expenses). You will receive a written notice from the Fund Office before the deductible change goes into effect. This increase in your deductible is permanent until you opt to participate in the program. It will be removed following notification from HMC HealthWorks that you have enrolled in the program.  If you do not complete the program, the $500 penalty will be reapplied and will continue into the next year and subsequent years. It will only be removed in the year following the year in which you participate in the program.