Payroll Deductions

Participants are required to pay a share of the cost for coverage through weekly payroll deductions. The standard weekly contribution to premium amounts depends on which eligible family members you enroll.  In most instances, weekly amounts are as follows:

  • For Employee-only coverage: $8.00 per week ($7.00 per week for Plan B Participants)
  • For Employee plus child(ren): $11.50 per week ($10.50 per week for Plan B Participants)
  • For Family coverage (Employee plus spouse/domestic partner, with or without children): $16.00 per week ($15.00 per week for Plan B Participants)

Your employer automatically deducts your contribution to premium from your paycheck on a weekly basis. You must sign an enrollment form to permit your employer to withhold your premium contribution from your paycheck.

If you fall behind in your contributions, the Fund will temporarily increase your deductions to recover the amount you owe. If your employer is unable to withhold your contributions for an extended period, you may have to make a direct payment to the Fund Office to continue your coverage.

You generally cannot drop coverage for yourself or any enrolled family members until the next Open Enrollment period.  Exceptions are provided in very limited circumstances (such as if you are paying the full cost for a dependent’s coverage). Contact the Fund Office if you have questions.

Refer to the FAQs for more information on how the payroll deduction process works.

Schedule of Employee Contributions to Premium 2023