Active Participants

To earn your initial eligibility for the Fund’s health care coverage, you must meet the required length of service and required hours for your job classification.

Required Length of Service


Participants Other Than Clerk’s Helpers and Utility Clerks

If you decide not to enroll when you become eligible, you will have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to do so.

Clerk’s Helpers and Utility Clerk

You are eligible to enroll on the first day of your 19th month of employment. You must work in the 17th month for initial coverage in the 19th month.

Fund Office and Union Local Employees

You come into the plan as a Platinum Plus Participant. Contact the Fund Office for information about establishing your initial eligibility.

Note that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides you the option to enroll for coverage earlier, by paying the premium cost for coverage (called your “contribution to premium”), as follows:

  • If you average 30 or more hours per week during your first 11 full months of employment, you may be eligible to enroll starting in your 14th month of employment, or
  • You may be eligible to enroll before your 19th month, when you reach 1,200 hours of service.

Contact the Fund Office if you are interested in early enrollment.

Required Hours

To remain covered, you must work the following required hours each month to have health care coverage for yourself and your eligible dependents.

Job Classification Required Hours
Plan A Clerks, Meat Clerks and General Merchandise Clerks 92
Plan B Clerks 76
Plan A & Plan B Meat Cutters and Uniform Department Employees 76
Plan A Clerk’s Helpers 64
Plan B Utility Clerks 64
Plan A Pharmacists 64

The hours you work in one week are credited to you as of each Sunday, based on the standard industry workweek, which is Monday through Sunday. Your monthly hours are credited as of the last Sunday of each month.