About the Fund

The Southern California United Food & Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Pension Fund and the United Food & Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Benefit Fund (the “Funds”) were created more than 40 years ago, as a result of collective bargaining between the Southern California Retail Food Employers and the Southern California UFCW Union Locals. The Funds serve in excess of 100,000 Participants. There are two Funds – the Pension Fund and the Benefit Fund – through which member retirement and health and welfare benefits are provided.

Each Fund operates under the direction of its Joint Board of Trustees, consisting of Union and Employer representatives with equal voting rights. The Union and Employer Collective Bargaining parties generally determine the Funds’ benefits during contract negotiations.

Contributing Employers pay most of the cost of your health care, dental care, death benefits, scholarship and tuition assistance benefits, and your pension benefits through contributions to the Fund. Employers contribute to both Funds at a specified amount for each hour you work, and for your paid holidays, paid sick leave, paid jury duty, and paid vacation days. Benefits are paid from each Fund’s assets. Pension Fund assets consist of Employer contributions and investment earnings. Benefit Fund assets consist of Employer contributions, Participant contributions to premium, and investment earnings.

The Fund Office is located at 6425 Katella Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630-5246. The Trust Fund carries out the administration and day-to-day operations of the Funds. Satellite offices are also located in most of the Local Union offices.

Refer to Contact Us for Fund Office contact information and hours of operation.