Your employer and the Southern California United Food & Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Fund consider your wellness very important. And you should too!

Wellness is not an option; taking care of ourselves must be a priority if we want to enjoy life to its fullest. With so many unknowns and pressures today, we must aggressively guard our health. Wellness must be an essential part of our everyday way of life.

Physical and financial security are investments. Taking care of yourself and staying healthy is the wisest investment of your life!
Getting and staying healthy takes personal motivation. In our eating habits, exercising, and lifestyle, we must have a plan to stay fit. If not, the eventual loss of wellness will come at an earlier age.

Your health and your future quality of life are very closely related. Learn how to improve the quality of your life.  Do it for yourself and your loved ones. This is one time when thinking of your own needs and taking care of yourself is so important.

Taking the time to understand your motivations and improve your health can be the beginning of a whole new way of thinking, feeling, and acting. It can add years to your life, and life to your years!

Wellness is more than just good health; it can be your way to happiness and a long life as well!

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