Indemnity PPO Medical Plan Participants:
Kick the New Year Off Right…
Take a Step Towards a Healthier You!


Here’s one resolution you can keep! Spend 15 minutes to take a step towards a healthier (and wealthier) you.


Each year, UFCW & Employers Indemnity Medical Plan participants fill out a simple 15-minute confidential Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ), receive information about their health and get an extra contribution to their Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs). The good news for anyone who misses out one year is that you have a chance to get those extra contributions every year!


“What’s the catch?” None. During these times of rising medical costs, the Trustees want you to have the opportunity to learn how to take better care of yourself and make wiser health decisions. The HRQ is the first step in that direction. 
The HRQ is administered by HMC Companies, the UFCW Benefit Fund’s independent administrator. The HRQ is strictly confidential.


HMC Companies will not give your individual HRQ results to your union, your employer or the Benefit Fund.


Here’s how the HRQ works:


(1) The Fund invites all Indemnity PPO Medical Plan participants and their covered spouses/domestic partners to fill out an HRQ form in February of each year.


(2) You spend approximately 15 minutes doing the HRQ – online or on paper. You can complete your HRQ online at


(3) You receive personalized, confidential feedback about your health – including any current health risks and suggestions on better health and lifestyle choices.

(4) If you complete your HRQ by April 30, an extra contribution – up to $250 – automatically goes into your HRA so it can be applied to your deductibles and other eligible medical costs, including prescription drug copays.


(5) Any HRA amounts you don’t use carry over to the following year, as long as you are still enrolled in the Indemnity Medical Plan.


You’ll find more details about the HRQ and the extra contribution provided to your HRA when you complete your HRQ within the Health Care section of this site.


Happy New You!