Health Care Benefits for Retirees



The United Food & Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Benefit Fund provides a comprehensive health care plan to its Retirees. Benefits are provided for eligible Retirees as long as the Collective Bargaining Agreement between your Employer and your Union provides for such benefits. Future Collective Bargaining Agreements may change or even eliminate Retiree benefits for current or future Retirees.


To be eligible for Retiree Health and Welfare (RHW) benefits:

  1. You must have been hired before March 1, 2004 by an Employer under a Collective Bargaining Agreement that provides for RHW benefits; and
  2. You must have accrued at least 10 Years* of Benefit Credit under the United Food and Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Joint Pension Trust Fund (the “Pension Plan”); and
  3. You must have satisfied one of the following requirements with regard to employment in the Retail Food Industry:
    a) You must have earned at least 10 Years* of Benefit Credit under the Pension Plan within the 15 years immediately
    preceding your retirement date, or
    b) You must have worked at least 345 Hours* in Covered Employment in each of the three years preceding your
    retirement date, or
    c)  You must have worked at least 1,500 Hours* in Covered Employment within the three-year period immediately
    preceding your retirement date.  Period(s) of disability that prevented any employment shall not be included in this
    three-year period provided you furnish a medical affidavit of such disability, or other evidence satisfactory to the
    Trustees.  The period of three years shall be extended by any verified periods of disability which prevented your
    employment, not to exceed an additional three years.
  4. If you returned to Covered Employment (i.e., returned to the bargaining unit from non-bargaining unit employment with the same Employer) on or after March 1, 2004 after a gap of 5 or more consecutive calendar years with no reported hours in your Pension history, you must accrue 10 Years* of Benefit Credit under the Pension Plan after that absence, in addition to meeting the requirements of 1 and 3 above


When Retiree Coverage Begins:   

If you qualify for RHW by meeting the requirements of 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, your benefits will begin at your age 55** or the effective date of your retirement, whichever is later, provided you complete the necessary enrollment forms and timely pay the required premiums. For the purpose of eligibility for RHW benefits, a Participant who qualifies and receives a Disability Retirement is presumed to be age 65.


*  Years and hours of service under Pension Plans A-2 and/or B-2 do not count towards meeting the eligibility requirements for RHW benefits.

**An eligible Retiree who retires on and after November 1, 1995 under the Rule of 85 (under age 60 but with enough Benefit Credits that when combined with age equals at least 85) qualifies for RHW benefits as of the date of retirement.


To see a summary comparison of the medical and dental plans available to you: Benefits Summary – Other Than E Retirees


Choose the link below for “E” Retirees if:


  • You began receiving retirement benefits from the Meat Cutters Pension Plan prior to 11/1/88, and
  • You qualified for Retiree Health and Welfare benefits under the Meat Cutters Benefit Fund at the time you began receiving retirement benefits.
  • Or, you are the spouse of a deceased Participant who met requirements 1 and 2 above, you were enrolled in the retiree benefits plan prior to your spouse’s death, and your eligibility for retiree benefits has not expired.

Benefits Summary – “E” Retirees